About Us

About Us

Blackwise is the first and only search engine span for Black people​

Our vision is to use information to mobilize collective Black power in order to create widespread success. If we bring together all that we have – black owned businesses, consumers, news, history, life – imagine how much stronger we would be!

Our goal

To start, what if every purchase was made with purpose – contributing to something greater than ourselves? To that end, we’re uniting both business owners & shoppers under a common cause – leading to actionable change everywhere you look! With Blackwise, you can find businesses that reflect your values, connect with like-minded people, and discover products and services that empower us all.

Our vision

Ultimately, we plan to take that dream one step further by creating an environment focused on giving Black individuals across the globe access to knowledge & resources to help create a world that is safer for them, more inclusive and equitable.. That’s why we built Blackwise – a revolutionary search engine designed for Black people – to amplify our experiences, empower our voices and connect us in unprecedented ways. Our goal is to be the #1 destination for Black people around the world.

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