We created Blackwise’s custom web search to make it easier to find Black-owned businesses. Like many of you, we thought the logical place to start was with one of the directories, but do you know how many Black-owned business directories exist? Yeah, us either but we know there are a lot.

With soooo many options, we just felt overwhelmed, not empowered. After trying to use popular search engines like Google or Bing, articles, blogs, chamber of commerce lists, or the numerous Black-owned business directories we concluded that consumers wanting to support the Black-owned movement needed a search that was focused and consolidated. Rather than have you search the entire world wide web one website or list at a time, Blackwise consolidates countless Black-owned resources into ONE search engine.

We’ve included luxury marketplaces (thank you Black Owned Everything!); methodical lists organized around popular topics like hotels, hair care and restaurants such as NABHOOD; sentimental directories that just cover businesses in a favorite city, shout out to the “A”; and not to be outdone, our search includes the listing for Lafayette, Indiana. We see you Star City.

It’s not a single source list but more like a mini Google focused only on all things Black-owned. In other words, more data but less work. Cool isn’t it? It takes the guesswork out of “are they Black owned” with one colossal Black-owned search. So yes, it is Black-owned.

Here’s the best part – it’s free to use. We only ask that after you use Blackwise, you spread the word and you tell us what you think. If you don’t find anything, it probably means there’s a gap and an opportunity in our community (hmm, that might make for a good future blog).

Consumers, start searching and become a fan of a Black owned business today!

Businesses, join us (it’s free) and make sure people searching for a Black-owned business choose you. If you prefer that we add you, use this form.

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